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“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t — you’re right.”

–Henry Ford, Ford Motor Company Founder

Two women with a dream to help providers navigate the intricacies of health insurance funding sources for reimbursement of a critical medically necessary service, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy (aka Adaptive Behavior Services), to improve the lives of children and adults with autism and other medical diagnoses that are positively impacted by this treatment.

Through laughter, hard work and sometimes tears over the last several years, we have dedicated ourselves to digging in and learning, teaching and providing back office administrative support, consulting, training and auditing in the revenue cycle management process.

With our collaboration and combined years of experience, we have made it our mission to develop and improve the quality of administrative services performed either in-house or outsourced for revenue cycle management.

This book is an answer to your requests for help with resources to help make your practice thrive in the world of health insurance funding. It is our desire and hope that we have provided you a foundation for success!  We are humbled at the opportunity to serve.

~ Sarah and Michele


Revenue Cycle
for ABA Therapy


Sarah Schmitz, CMRS-I, CPB, CPC

Michele Silcox, CMRS

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:  What is Revenue Cycle Management?

Chapter 2:  Who are Key Members of my Team?

Chapter 3:  What Benefits are found with a Practice Management software?

Chapter 4:  What is a Funding source and how do I work with them?

Chapter 5:  How do I know if Services are covered by Insurance?

Chapter 6:  Why do I need an Authorization for covered services?

Chapter 7:  How do I keep track of time spent by providers?

Chapter 8:  What are the documentation or other compliance requirements?

Chapter 9:  When do I bill for services?

Chapter 10:  Can I submit claims now?

Chapter 11:  Wait, I’m not getting paid what I expected!

Chapter 12:  How can I escalate claims issues?

Chapter 13:  How do I bill families for patient responsibility?

Chapter 14:  How do I keep this all straight?

Chapter 15:  When should I outsource?


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This book is our gift to the industry
and the providers that we love!

— Sarah and Michele
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